Maynards FAQs


Q: Do you allow dogs on your wharf/patio?

A: Sorry, we do not allow dogs.[divider]

Q: Do you take reservations for the wharf or patio?

A: No, we take reservations for our inside dining room only.[divider]

Q: Can I leave my car parked in the parking lot over night?

A: Yes, but be cautious of signs, as there are spots where you cannot park overnight.[divider]

Q: Can I leave my boat overnight?

A: Yes, but it has to be picked up before the restaurant opens the following morning.[divider]

Q: Do you have a dress code?

A: You must have shoes and a shirt when on the Wharf and must be fully clothed when on the upper patio and in the inside restaurant.[divider]

Q: Can anyone play Bags?

A: Before 9:00pm you must be 15 years old or have adult supervision to rent a set of bags. After 9:00pm you must be 21 to rent a set of bags. Keep in mind the courts are reserved Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights for our bags league.[divider]

Q: Where and how can I rent a set of bags?

A: Bring your ID to the host stand and they will rent you a set of bags.